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Long-term e-bike rental in the Dolomites: a new way to buy your e-bike in absolute peace of mind.

Are you looking for a new E-bike? In addition to the sale, we offer you a very interesting and convenient alternative:

LONG TERM RENTAL ... fun guaranteed starting from only € 3 per day.

Why choose the NLT of your next pedal assisted bike?

  • AVANT-GARDE: choose a E-MTB model latest generation electricity
  • EASY: choose the rental duration from 3 to 24 months
  • CONVENIENCE: the more you rent, the less you spend: starting from only € 3 per day
  • LIGHTNESS: a rental fee is lower than a loan installment you the convenience: continue with the rental, replace the model, buy the bike

EASY AND FAST: Choose the model and duration and contact us at We will give you all the necessary information

  • SHIPPING: Dolomitebike will send and collect the Ebike for free and directly to your home.
  • COST AND PAYMENTS: a deposit of 500 € will be required. Advance monthly fee collection via Bank trasfer or credit card (subject to approval)
  • WARRANTY: all e-bikes are new and guaranteed for the entire duration of the rental.
  • THEFT AND / OR DAMAGES: the bicycles are not insured. in case of theft and / or damage, the tenant will have to compensate the damage.
  • FINAL PURCHASE: at the end of the rental you will have the opportunity to buy the bike and pay only the differnt between list price

For those who don't accept any compromise

In our retail store, an authorized Fantic and Kawasaki dealing point, you'll find e-mtb from the latest engines and industry-leading generations of batteries. You can also choose between new and used e-bikes: we have a wide range of e-bikes for beginners and experts of all ages. Our bikes are looking forward to be valued as they deserve.

E-Bike sale in Alta Badia
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