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E-bike rental for children in Val Badia

Dolomitebike knows well the needs of families and offers the sale and rental of e-bikes for families with children of all ages.

Family on e-mtb, among the landscapes of Val Badia

We know that cycling days can be a real family struggle: children don't want to spend the day cycling the mountains with effort, or they are just too young to ride a bike; dad and mom are exhausted and end up losing their patience. The e-mountain bikes can be a real cure-all for a different family weekend, without giving up the emotions of the two wheels.

Are you dreaming of spending at least a few hours on your bike, but at the same time would you like to spend more time with your children? For families, lack of motivation and different levels of ability and fitness are the main barriers to a pleasant bike ride. At our e-bike rental centre in Pederoa in Alta Badia we offer specific e-mtb models for children which are the answer to these problems. In addition, you will find helmets, bike seats and trailers for children.

Dolomitebike is the reference point for active people who want to rent an electric bike for the whole family in Val Badia, but also for those who are looking for an efficient solution of purchase. Our long-term e-bike rental and zero-interest financing solutions can be interesting alternatives for those who want to buy a bike. Our staff will support you with pleasure in choosing the right solution for your family. Accompany your child to school in e-bike, spend Sunday on two wheels with your whole family may soon become reality.

You'll find our e-bikes and rental accessories designed specifically for children below.

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