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A "must" for every biker: Rit - Armentara - S.Frenademetz

A "must" for every biker: Rit - Armentara - S.Frenademetz

Reaching by bike one of the most desirable places to enjoy a breathtaking view: an opportunity that can't be missed!

4h 35 km 1200m S3 June-October
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We reach the Armentara fields with two food points and stop at Crusc de Rît, from where we can admire the view, before returning to La Valle.
An impressive itinerary not only because of the stunning natural environments, but also because of the places and religious symbols that we can find there: The Crusc de Rît, under which you can stop to admire one of the most beautiful views of Val Badia and the church of Santa Barbara, a small jewel of spirituality above the village of La Valle.

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